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My Story

Hello! I have taught every grade from 6th - 12th, spending most of my career at Winter Springs High School in Central Florida. While teaching English as a profession, I tutored both SAT and ACT. In 2013, I left full time teaching to tutor full time. I am certified to teach both English and Mathematics in 6th - 12th grades. I have a Bachelors Degree in English Education from the University of South Florida, a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Duke University, and a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from University of Central Florida. 

I teach all the sections of the SAT and ACT. As mentioned above, I’m certified in both English and Math. Test taking begins and ends with strategies. That is my focus, but I will address content as needed while we work through each section. Yes, I can focus on just one section or the other, but I generally find that everyone can benefit from learning some strategies in all sections.


I have worked with all types of students in all levels of classes. One of the joys of one on one tutoring is the ability to adapt to each student’s particular needs.


I was also a debate coach for 10 years. My team traveled across the country winning state and national championships. My love of speech and debate is something I inspire in students who are even afraid of speaking in front of others. 

I also love working on those dreaded college essays with students. I do NOT write them for your student, but I can help them bring out the best in their own writing!

- Kathi Wells Macomber

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