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"My child wanted to improve her SAT score and with Kathi's help she accomplished her goal. The 1 to 1 attention with Kathi helped immensely and she boosted her score by 120 points after working 6 weeks with Kathi."


I’m a proud student of Kathi Wells Macomber.  I knew I wanted to work on improving my SAT score with her right after our first meeting. From the very start, Mrs. Macomber has always been very invested in my progress towards increasing my SAT score.  I would go to her after completing practice tests to understand why I answered certain questions incorrectly, and what helped me so much was the fact that she never moved on to the next question until I was fully satisfied with the explanation and truly understood my mistake.  Mrs. Macomber is also very personable and endearing which always made me look forward to working with her and made it easier to continue asking more questions.  Given that I am quite rigid in my test taking strategies and that I find it difficult to answer SAT test questions using new methods, the fact that Mrs. Macomber was always patient with me and helped me find strategies to fit my own test taking preferences allowed me to see a significant increase in my test score.  I have always been weak in the critical reading section.  In fact, when I first started tutoring with Mrs. Macomber, I used to miss an average of 10 to 11 questions in just the critical reading section.  After working with her, I have managed to improve my critical reading score to where I consistently only miss 3 questions on average in that section.  Mrs. Macomber helped me attain a test score to allow me to match the student profile of universities I am interested in, and I cannot be more thankful for her guidance


-Nidhi Ohri, University of Pennsylvania Student  

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"My son had difficulty with Algebra and reading comprehension skills. He had worked with several tutors and although he said he wanted to improve his skills, he resisted the tutoring sessions. When he began working with Kathi Wells Macomber, I saw a change in his attitude toward receiving additional help. Kathi never made him feel inadequate and confidence in his skills continued to grow.  As a learning disabilities teacher I have also recommended Kathi to parents who have inquired about tutors for their middle school students. I would recommend Kathi Wells Macomber to any student looking to improve reading, English, and math skills as well as SAT prep work."

- Parent and Guidance Counselor

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Educator and Parent

"Kathi Wells Macomber has done an amazing job preparing my daughter for the SAT & ACT. She is patient and kind and has a deep understanding of what and how children are being tested today. She prepares her students to be thinkers, to strategize, and most importantly gain the confidence they need to put their knowledge and skills to work. My daughter has raised her ACT score by 6 points since working with Kathi and I plan to send my son to her when he begins to take these exams as well. I have and would recommend Kathi to any high school student looking for individual attention and has a desire to do well in school. She has been phenomenal!"

-Jessica Binkley, High School Principal 

     "I was struggling to pass my SAT and a few of my friends recommended Kathi Wells Macomber. Kathi really takes the time to learn about each student’s strengths and weaknesses and focuses on enhancing their overall knowledge of the test and ability to raise their scores. I would highly recommend Kathi Wells Macomber considering the fact that I have been to many tutors, and I was the most successful with her."


- Genia Sprinkle, Lake Brantley H.S Grad

G another amazing ACT student

I received my November SAT score yesterday, and it is an 100 point increase from my first test. Thank you so much for all of your help; I couldn't have accomplished a 1460 without it!

Clare Kingsley, Former Student


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