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Test Wise Tutoring

Test-Wise: adjective, describing people who have taken a large amount of tests and are thus, more adept at taking tests than people who are fairly new to the testing procedure.

Test Wise Tutoring SAT and ACT

What I Offer

Decades of expertise with the SAT, PSAT, and ACT

Real classroom experience

Ability to teach all subjects on the tests

Ability to adapt to student needs 

Get Organize

Need help being organized? I have a self paced course for you!

All by Zoom

I have my computer to see my students and for them to see me. I have my iPad in zoom as well, so students can follow what I'm writing on the screen. It works very well.

More Resources

Watch 3 free short videos to learn about the Digital SAT / PSAT

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Use this Quizlet link to study

SAT /PSAT vocabulary.

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