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SAT ACT Tutor Zoom

Test Wise Tutoring

Test-Wise: adjective, describing people who have taken a large amount of tests and are thus, more adept at taking tests than people who are fairly new to the testing procedure.

What I Offer

  • decades of expertise with the SAT, PSAT and ACT

  • real classroom experience

  • ability to teach all subjects on the tests

  • ability to adapt to student needs 

Watch 3 free short videos to learn about the Digital SAT / PSAT
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All Sessions are held via Zoom


I have my computer to see my students and for them to see me. I have the iPad in zoom as well, so students can follow what I'm writing on the screen. It works very well.

To Make Appointments
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SAT /PSAT Test Takers
Use this Quizlet link to study vocabulary.

Need help being organized? I have a self paced course for you!

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